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El Camino Meeting Meijel 2019
September 6th, 7th and 8th in the center of Meijel

A three day event including :
Live bands, spare parts market on the Sunday, kids playground, foot stands and lots and lots of El Caminos from Several different countries.

Special guest from Discovery Bay California USA:
John D'Agostino

Fridays program 6th September:
21.00 hrs : The Hoodoo Monks, in Café Parties R Us, Kerkstraat 1-3, 5768 BH Meijel

Saturdays Program 7th September:
13:00 hrs : Commencement of the meeting
14.00 hrs : Big Ritch and the Black Smith Company
21.00 hrs : Live performance of Experience
01:00 hrs : Closing of the meeting

Sundays Program 8th September:
11:00 hrs : Commencement of the meeting
14:00 hrs to 17:00 hrs : Live performance of Ignition Rockabilly
17:00 hrs : Closing of the meeting

Everyone is warmly invited to join us in Meijl town center, Admission free !

Winner Award 2019! Peter de Jong

Peter de Jong


El Camino is the European Meeting for and by Meijel lovers of the Chevrolet El Camino. It is an annual public event for everybody with an interest in the Chevrolet El Camino.


The meeting is organized in the Dutch Meijel, and is accessible to everyone free of charge. In the weekend of the 2nd Sunday of september during Saturday and Sunday activities, such as El Camino show, parts market, live music, children's activities, food and drinks, photo shoots, & any demonstrations.



El Camino Meeting Meijel